Walking With Shadows

Director: Aoife O'Kelly

Courtesy of: Rushlake Media Drama | Gay | Unclassified 18+ | 90 | UK, Nigeria | 2019


Based on Jude Dibia’s groundbreaking 2005 novel, Walking with Shadows, is a powerful drama about a married Nigerian man grappling with his homosexuality and the seismic ramifications it causes amongst his family and community. The story kicks off when Adrian’s wife Ada receives a mysterious phone call from a man who alleges that her husband has cheated on her with multiple men. Confronted by her, it pushes Adrian and Ada on a journey of self-discovery.

Walking with Shadows throws a spotlight on the LGBTIQ+ community in Nigeria and asks bigger questions around the interpretations of love within Christianity. Furthermore, it presents an intriguing conflict between homosexuality, religion, love and community.


The struggle to be true to his desires nudges the film towards becoming a Nigerian Moonlight. – Screen International

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