Director: Bruce McDonald

Comedy | Queer | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 85 MINS | Canada | 2016


‘A lovely, low-key memory piece, vibrant with the awkward grace of adolescence.’
– The Hollywood Reporter

Set in Nova Scotia in 1976, Kit lives with his amiable but absent dad but decides to run away so he can live with his glamorous mother (Molly Parker in fine form), a one-time party girl from the Warhol factory scene. Along for the ride is his devoted girlfriend Alice who has her own troubles at home. Aided by his spirit animal Andy Warhol who appears to him intermittently, Kit goes on a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening.
Shot in luscious black and white, Canadian auteur Bruce McDonald has created a sweet and charming road movie about finding your place in the world, while leaving the wisest words for Warhol himself: “We’re all weirdos. That’s what makes us beautiful.

Courtesy: Double Dutch International

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