When the Beat Drops

Director: Jamal Sims

Courtesy of: Cinetic MediaDocumentary | Gay | Queer | USA | Unclassified 18+ | 85 MINS | USA | 2018


Take one part the legendary Paris is burning (1990) and add in the frenetic energy of Kiki (MQFF 2017) and you’ll get a good sense of this exhilarating documentary. Directed by Jamal Sims (famed RuPaul’s Drag Race choreographer), this exciting film introduces you to the world of ‘bucking’, a style of dance that riffs off Majorette routines from college football games. This wild style of expression was created by gay African American men in the south over two decades ago and this once underground subculture is now entering into the mainstream. This electrifying glimpse into its major players features some ecstatic dance sequences and culminates in an edge-of-your-seat ‘sickening’ competition.

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