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You Don’t Nomi

Director: Jeffrey McHale

Courtesy of: The Festival AgencyDocumentary | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 94 | USA | 2019


When Showgirls was released in 1995, Paul Verhoeven’s salacious and controversial R-rated look at Vegas dancers was met by critics and audiences with howls of derision. But in the intervening decades, the film
has inspired an ever-growing fan base and impassioned debate over its quality, artistic intent and messages about sex and gender. Guided by a chorus of film critics, scholars, and fervent devotees, Jeffrey McHale’s endlessly entertaining documentary explores the legacy of Showgirls, and its journey from notorious flop to quotable cult classic and
its embrace within the LGBTI+ community. However the film saves its most poignant
and triumphant moments for Showgirls’ much maligned star Elizabeth Berkley whose career was derailed by the film’s reception.


You Don’t Nomi makes a compelling case that the much-maligned pop-culture landmark can be judged as either tawdry rubbish or subversive comic triumph. – The Hollywood Reporter

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