Young Hunter

Director: Marco Berger

Courtesy of: Matchbox Films Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Spanish | Unclassified 18+ | 101 | Argentina | 2020



A firm favourite of MQFF, regulars will be very familiar with the languorous, lust-filled look at glistening male bodies on display in Argentinian director Marco Berger’s celebrated movies, from Hawaii, to Taekwondo, to last year’s achingly sensual highlight The Blonde One.

At first glance, Young Hunter looks to be more of the enticing same from the Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Award-winner and Cannes Film Festival nominee. Restless 15-year-old Ezequiel, cruising the sweaty city streets for fun during a sticky summer, catches the eye of an older, tattooed skater boy.
But make no mistake, this button-pushing provocation marks a startling evolution in Berger’s work that takes us to a much darker place. As their ambiguous dance around one another draws a horny and misguided Ezequiel into a predatory web, this equal parts riveting and unsettling film will leave you gobsmacked.


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