Zen In The Ice Rift

Director: Marghertia Ferri

Courtesy of: Media Luna Drama | English Subtitles | Gender Non-Binary | Italian | Lesbian | Trans | Youth Films | Unclassified 15+ | 87 | Italy | 2019


16 year old tomboy and hockey ace Maia, prefers to go by the name Zen. Growing up in a small village in the beautiful but rough Italian Apennine range has meant Zen’s androgynous looks and rowdy behaviour have drawn unwelcome attention in this close knit community. When Vanessa, the popular girlfriend of the hockey team captain, comes to Zen for a request to hide away in their family’s lodge, the two seemingly opposites begin to form a connection as they embark on a journey of sexual exploration and self-discovery.

This beautifully shot and acted debut feature from Margherita Ferri is a tender and complex coming-of-age drama about gender identity and sexuality.

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