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After tragedy forces him to question his identity and his past, Caz (played wonderfully by Māori, trans-masc actor, Elz Carrad) returns to his rural hometown Rūrangi where he finds his new life as a trans activist in Auckland starkly different to the dairy farming community he left 10 years earlier. Along with this struggle, his estranged father Gerald is unable to connect with his son and the new life that does not include him.

Caz finds life in the sleepy town has changed as tensions are brewing between the locals over environmental matters. Caz’s high school best friend Anahera (Āwhina Rose Henare Ashby) and ex-boyfriend Jem (Arlo Green) are faced with their own questions surrounding identity as Caz re-enters their world and forces them to break out of old routines.

A raw and brooding performance from Carrad offers an intimate look into the trans-male experience that is authentic, honest and confronting. Old relationships are challenged, and new connections created in this queer story from New Zealand – originally produced as a web series and presented here as a feature-length film.

Rūrangi questions identity, small-town politics and family bonds, and draws focus to the power acceptance can have on the human spirit.

This film contains some Māori dialogue with English Subtitles.

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