MQFF31 - 18-29 NOV

The Greenhouse


Where are we when we remember? The past, the present or somewhere in-between? The philosophical underpinnings of The Greenhouse take its viewers on a journey of time travel, fusing fantasy with domestic drama. In this story of loss, Beth and her three adopted siblings assemble at their rural childhood home after the tragic passing of their lesbian mother. As with many family events, the weekend is rife with conflict, hostility and implicit tension, while Lauren, an old flame from the past, shows up to destabilise Beth’s world further. Meanwhile, danger looms as Beth discovers a mysterious dimension to the past. The film’s phantasmagorical qualities allow the viewer access to Beth’s disorientating internal world – an unstable reality ruled by unresolved grief and memory, and a past that threatens to engulf the present. Thomas Wilson-White’s feature debut, The Greenhouse, is part magic, part metaphor, reminding its audience of the seductive nature of memory and the danger of spending too much time there.

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