MQFF31 - 18-29 NOV

The Man With The Answers


Ex champion diver Victor (Vasilis Magouliotis), works in a mundane job repairing furniture while living with his grandmother in a small Greek coastal town. Following her death, he decides to dust off her car and head to Germany to reconnect with his distant mother. On the ferry over to Italy, he meets the handsome Mattias (Anton Weil), a chatty German drifter on his way home. Victor reluctantly agrees to give Mattias a lift and the two begin their winding ride north through the Italian countryside. Despite their clashing personalities, the two men begin to find an emotional connection with one another in this delightful and visually striking romance. Written and directed by Greek filmmaker Stelios Kammitsis, this charming gay film features grounded performances from its two leads and gorgeous landscapes lensed by cinematographer Thodoros Mihopoulos. Weil is a highlight as the inquisitive and free-spirited Mattias, who also provides some levity to contrast the uptight and reserved Victor. A moving film that explores finding family and yourself in the most unlikely of times and places.

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