MQFF is a non-profit organisation governed by a voluntary Board of Management, staffed by a small team of committed professionals and supported by an army of generous volunteers. MQFF is further supported by our Sweethearts who are members of our Private Giving Program. We couldn’t do it without our Team Players – all of our valued Festival Sponsors, Partners and Providers who help us to produce a first-class Festival each year.


Festival Staff

Chief Executive Officer: Maxwell Gratton

Program Director: Spiro Economopoulos

Finance Manager: Helen Walmsley

Business Manager: Daniel Lancefield

Operations Manager: Bonnie Perry

Festival Publicist: Annette Smith, Ned and Co.

Digital Co-ordinator: Jaq Avery

Administration Co-ordinator: Zoe Smith


Board of Management

As a non-profit organisation MQFF is governed by a Board of Management. All Board Members volunteer their time throughout the year.


Cathy Anderson (President)

Scott Herron (President)

Mark Kukanesan (Treasurer)

David Morgan (Secretary)

David Magdic

Gin Masters

David Micallef

Brian Robertson

Molly Whelan

Jay Longworth

Alan White


Principal and Major Partners

Principal Partner: City of Melbourne

Cultural Partner: Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)


Festival Sponsors, Presenters and Providers

MQFF is very fortunate to be supported by a range of incredibly generous organisations, community groups, cinemas, government departments and businesses each year. We love working with our Partners and Sponsors who celebrate difference and together share a commitment to support the LGBTIQ+ community and the arts in Melbourne.

To see a full list and to enquire about joining them, visit our Sponsors page:

MQFF Sponsors

Life Members

Our life members have devoted countless hours to ensure the longevity and success of MQFF over the Festival’s 28-year history. They are a much-loved and valued part of our community.

Rowland Thomson, Crusader Hillis, Madeleine Swain, Suzie Goodman, miss jan horstman, David McCarthy, Richard Watts, Suzy Green, Rowena Doo, Luke Gallagher, Alex Green, Paul Tonta, Leanne Sumpter, Colin Billing, Claire Jackson, Lisa Daniel, Paul Clifton, Roberta Armitage.

2018 Festival Sweethearts

The Festival is supported by a generous group of individual private donors – our fabulous Sweethearts. Thank you to all of our Sweethearts for their commitment and kindness!

Gold: David Owen

Diamond: David McCarthy

Emerald: Serena Chow, Ayan Dasvarma, Tim Hoffman, Myrashel, Daniel Neal

Ruby: Cathy Anderson, Colin Gunther, James Houghton, Richard Laslett, Samuel Murray, Gail Veal, Athol Willoughby OAM

Sapphire: Patrick Fitzgerald, Duncan Hewitt, Kirsten McLean, Maureen Reedy, Lan Wang, Leonard Vary

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