MQFF32 - 10-21 NOV

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) aims to engage the community with the best LGBTI+ content in order to educate, entertain and celebrate diversity.

We seek to change lives through the experience of shared stories – bringing the best of world queer culture to Melbourne and nurturing the development of new Australian voices


Our Values

  • Excellence – We work hard to deliver the exceptional to our community supporters and filmmakers.
  • Celebration – We are bold and creative. We inspire our community and celebrate pride in its history and the journey to visibility and equality.
  • Diversity – We value difference. We give a voice to the under-represented and showcase the diversity of gender identities and sexualities.
  • Community – We serve our community in a crucial role providing social connections and safe and respectful spaces
  • Respect – We are professional. Through trust, respect and collaboration we enjoy positive interactions with others.


Our Vision

MQFF is dedicated to celebrating and giving a voice to the underrepresented, and to showcasing unique perspectives.

We examined the four strategic areas that need our attention and have developed a vision of our future success.

  • Artistic – to be recognised for curatorial excellence, delivering exceptional content and unique experiences.
  • Community – to engage with the wider community of Melbourne whilst still serving the social need of the LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Operational –to provide an exceptional customer experience as part of a lean and effective organisation.
  • Financial – to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation and provide for its future.


On the road to 2020 and the 30th MQFF, five key initiatives have been identified in pursuit of this vision. These initiatives combine to deliver our whole strategic vision and are interconnected.


Build the reputation

Enhancing the festival with exceptional content, unique experiences and an enriched prize pool that will attract audience, film makers and sponsors. A reputation with our audience for an exceptional customer experience, great films, great atmosphere, fun and safe spaces. A reputation with film makers and distributers for creating a buzz around their films. A reputation with the community as an advocate. A reputation with funders and supporter as reliable, consistent and effective. A reputation with emerging queer artists for nurturing talents and assisting in the creation of work.


Promote Inclusion

Beyond merely showcasing the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ communities and exhibiting films that represent an array of identities and sexual expression, MQFF will invest in and support the voices of these groups and be a vehicle that promotes them. MQFF will actively work with our diverse communities to co=design and present jointly curated streams of film relevant to intersectional groups with panels and discussion sessions. MQFF will support and nurture these voices in new filmmaking ventures with coaching, mentoring and funding new film development. MQFF will also provide some free access to our programming for disadvantaged, marginalised and at-risk groups. We see the festival as a vector for social inclusion and a safe entry point to the LGBTIQ+ communities.


Broaden our Audience

Serve a bigger, broader community; be able to screen all the best in queer cinema and have a year-round relationship with our audience. Through building capacity in the main festival, supporting a travelling showcase to the regions and including a new mini festival in Spring, we will align our timing to access the best oversea content and to compete with streaming We will also enhance our year-round screenings with partners and special previews. We will market more broadly to bring a wider audience to MQFF with an active audience development program targeting queer youth, arts, cultural, sports, social and diversity groups utilising both mainstream and digital media. We seek not just a bigger audience, but one more engaged and connected to their community through the festival and the stories we tell.


Enrich Social Impact

We recognise that experiencing queer film with a queer audience is a community building activity. For many of our audience, the experience of the queer film festival was part of a journey toward self-acceptance. The festival is an opportunity for increased visibility of our community within the broader Victorian context and a celebration of pride and our identity. The festival is braided in with community groups, social functions, panel discussion, volunteer opportunities and free screenings to ensure that it can be both an introduction to a queer world or the chance to create a social network,


Strengthen our financial sustainability

Invest in business development capability, create a highly active philanthropy board committee and build long term beneficial relationships with sponsors, donors and grant funding bodies to deliver reliable and diverse income streams. Through a focus on efficient use of our limited resources, our marvellous volunteers and our generous sponsors we will carefully manage costs to build the reserves of the festival to a level that ensure long term viability.



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