Queer Lives in Isolation


MQFF has proudly supported and fostered local queer filmmaking talent through its various awards and prizes, over its 30 years.

Since 2019, we have directly supported filmmakers with significant cash funding to help take new and exciting concepts from script to screen. This has offered Australian LGBTIQ+ filmmakers the opportunity to create original content by assisting the production of a short films.

Now we are proud to announce that, in conjunction with Creative Victoria, MQFF will commission a new series of shorts highlighting the LGBTIQ+ experience under Victoria’s lockdown. These have been challenging times for so many people, and we don’t want the stories of queer life in lockdown to go untold.



What we’re looking for

From social isolation, loneliness and mental health concerns to connecting online, romance in quarantine and working from home, Queer Lives in Isolation seeks to tell the stories of our time apart to bring us closer together. It could be a short narrative about two people finding love, or maybe a comedy about being quarantined with your worst nightmare; or your story may be a drama about depression, loneliness and coming back from the brink. We are also keen to see mini-documentaries highlighting the lives of those who may have faced more unique challenges throughout the last few months.

MQFF is also interested in concepts highlighting experiences of Indigenous/First Nations peoples, older people, and people with disabilities.

We are now accepting submissions and successful applicants will be notified as soon as practicable.


Selection Process

Unlike other “competitions,” this is not a process of competing for a prize or an award. Queer Lives in Isolation is MQFF’s chance to directly commission work to be produced.

Originality – we are looking for new and original stories set against the backdrop of our current social isolation.

Creativity – make us laugh, make us cry, make us think. This has been a challenging time for everyone, so you should have a lot to draw from.

Diversity – we encourage diversity on camera and behind the camera. This may be challenging due to social restrictions, but try your best.

Overall Scope – we aren’t looking for complicated concepts that require a large cast and crew and lots of locations. Be realistic with what is achievable within the budget and timeframe set.

Finance – budgets may not be all that exciting, but sticking to your budget is critical for this project as funding is capped.

Delivery – all finished work must be provided by 15 December. If your concept will take longer to produce, we won’t be able to fund it.


  • Applications Close 31 October
  • Successful Applicants will be Notified as Submissions are Received
  • Final Delivery of projects 15 December 2020


Submitting your concept

Your completed submission must address the following requirements:

  • Types of projects being considered – short fiction / documentary,
  • Project length 10 mins maximum,
  • The project must have relevant LGBTIQ+ themes and subject matter – highlighting the central theme of queer lives in isolation,
  • Must identify LGBTIQ+ people working on the project,
  • The applicant or applicants must be over 18 and Victorian residents to apply,
  • A current draft of the script formatted to industry standards,
  • A synopsis (200 words or less),
  • Applicants must own the rights to the concept they are submitting,
  • Budget breakdown (projects should not exceed $10,000),
  • Screener links to any key team member’s previous projects,
  • Relevant CVs for all the applicants,
  • Agreement to MQFFs terms and conditions, including date of final delivery,
  • MQFF strongly encourages diversity in front of and behind the camera, so please keep this in mind when creating your pitch.